A Day In The Life of a Bookaholic

7.30am – Despite the arctic gusts and slashing sleet relentlessly assaulting my body, I am determined to keep pace with my companion, Simon Reeve. He has been entertaining me for hours with tales of his global explorations and I am hanging on his every word – this guy is amazing. Just as we reach the pinacle of the mountain we are scaling, pausing breathlessly to survey the undeniable beauty of this wind-swept landscape, my alarm goes off and I slam back down into reality. Making a mental note to read Step by Step, Reeve’s most recent book, I blearily drag myself away from dream world and into the shower.

8.30am – Slightly more awake now (thanks to a cheeky 10 minute read whilst I brushed my teeth / dried my hair) I log into my work laptop and start to sort through today’s priorities. I am currently using my Kindle for literary purposes and it nestles beside me on the dining table as motivation to make it through to lunchtime. I like to keep whatever I am reading close by and I have been known to stroke the cover of physical books and even rub the page edges against my thumb whilst engaged in lengthy conference calls – somehow this grounds me and keeps me focussed. Just don’t tell any of my colleagues, they will think I am crazy. (They may have a point).

12.30pm – I break for lunch, grabbing my book and retreating to the sofa. I am briefly distracted by my Twitter feed and feel my anxiety rise as I realise other bloggers post a lot more than I do. It is ironic that my current read is The Bright Side of Going Dark by Kelly Harms, a book all about the negative impact social media usage has on our lives. Immersing myself in its electronic pages for a few minutes reminds me that being a Bookaholic is not a competition and Twitter likes do not equal love. (Apparently chocolate doesn’t either, but I am not ready to accept that one yet).

5pm – Work is finally over for the day. I give my parents a quick call and we discuss my blog – it seems my best intentions backfired and they are both now extremely keen to read 50 Shades of Grey. I am equally keen not to be responsible for the level of psychological scarring this will entail (for me as much as them) so change the subject in the best and most English way I know – isn’t the weather stunning today?

5.30pm – I head out for a walk on the abandoned golf course near my house. (That sounds like the start of a Stephen King thriller, but it’s prettier and less spooky than it sounds). I spend the time thinking about the novel I finished yesterday, The Motion of the Body Through Space by Lionel Shriver. It’s about the cult of exercise and how people become obsessed to the point of making themselves seriously ill. Whilst I very much doubt my 60 minute stroll puts me in that category, I make a mental note to bring my water bottle next time and keep myself hydrated. I consider blogging about the book and rifle through my mental library of sport-related anecdotes, quickly coming to the conclusion that “then I bunked off PE again” is not a particularly fascinating opener.

9pm – Dinner done, I retire to the living room to watch some tv. If I am watching a drama, I persistently tell anyone who will listen that “the book was definitely better” but tonight I am catching up on a documentary series about elephants. This reminds me of a book club pick we recently chose at work, Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. It taught me a huge amount about how intelligent and sensitive these creatures are and this programme confirms those views. I decide I want a pet elephant and spend 15 minutes Googling this as a possibility.

10.30pm – I am off to bed to wind down by reading a couple more chapters. I am feeling pretty shattered and really need an early night so it won’t be long before I call it a day. I love the way Harms writes and this book is really engaging. Social media is most definitely evil. I pause briefly – and ironically – to check Facebook.

11.30pm – Not entirely sure where the last hour went, but my eyelids are drooping and I finally accept defeat. Putting Kelly to one side, I wonder if Simon is waiting for me to return at the top of that mountain? It’s time to find out…

Author: Bookaholicbex

Book-nerd with a passion for all things literary. If only real life would stop getting in the way of reading...

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